Joined SKS as a new graduate in 2013
Plant Engineering Department, Plant Design Section 1

Shinnosuke Tanaka

Q1What kind of work do you currently do?

My work primarily involves the layout and design of plant piping systems.
While the details of work can vary depending on the time of the year, there are often cases where I will be working on multiple projects at once.
My current work mainly involves work on filter vents, which form one part of nuclear reactor containment vessels. A large amount of my work is done individually, however, there are also times where I am required to coordinate a team made up of several members.
There are also other times when I am working on a project as a member of another team or making preparations for work on a new project.

Q2What have you found challenging since joining SKS?

While design work requires a variety of skills, I am still learning technical knowledge about the relevant standards and regulations.
I am often researching the regulations for a particular piece of machinery or equipment and collecting information to study. However, I do not always have to do it on my own. There are often times when senior colleagues will provide me with the relevant material or advice for a particular job and other opportunities for me to visit worksites and see the piping layout in situ. I believe that your level of understanding can change dramatically depending on your work environment, like receiving advice from senior colleagues and having the opportunity to see the real thing rather than just drawings.

Q3Have you noticed any change in the way you work or think now that you have been here for a few years?

When I first joined, it was all I could do to complete the work tasked to me by my supervisors or senior colleagues. It was only after a few years that I began to see why our clients were requesting this work to be done and the background behind it. Now that I am able to give my attention to the why, there are now more cases where I can provide clients with optimum solutions in client meetings.

Q4What are your impressions of SKS?

How do think it will change in the future?
It is easy to take time off and I am able to spend time doing the things I love.
Other employees are regularly taking paid leave so I think the percentage of employees taking it is quite high. I think it is important to achieve a good work-life balance.
Over the last six years since I joined SKS as a university graduate, I have experienced a lot, and one thing that I have found to be important is having the motivation to learn. By staying motivated, you can become more interested in your work and you can learn a great deal more by thinking about what needs to be done. I want to help make SKS into a company that shares the value of “learning from behind” rather doing nothing.

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A day at work at SKS

  • 9:00

    Morning meeting/mail check

  • 10:00

    Team meetings, design drawing using AutoCAD

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Design drawings, client meetings, material preparation

  • 18:00

    Leave work

How I spend my days off

I love music so I'm often going to festivals or live music performances.

Message to students

Pursue what you want to do with everything you have.
I know there must be lots of things that you “have to do”, but really think about what you want to do and live out the rest of your student life so that you have no regrets.

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