Joined SKS in August 2008
Structural Safety Technology Department, Structural Safety Design Section 1 Deputy Section Chief

Keiichi Kondo

Q1What kind of work do you currently do?

Since joining SKS, I have been responsible for the seismic analysis and assessment of nuclear power plant equipment and their supporting structures.The workload and burden placed on each team member can vary from time to time therefore a large part of my work involves thinking about where and how to best place my team so that they can perform at their best.

Q2What have you found challenging since joining SKS? Have there been situations where you have made improvements and achieved a successful outcome?

Soon after joining SKS there was a project in which we had to perform analysis on multiple plants at once all within a short deadline and I struggled to achieve a balance between speed and accuracy. However, my supervisor at the time was actively promoting work automation and we were able to overcome the problem.
Although at present the automation of repetitive work has become more common, at the time, it was inconceivable to me and it helped a lot.
When receiving an irregular analysis job for which there was no precedent, I would employ a range of methods to get the job done. These would include gathering records from other jobs that shared some similarities, studying analytical codes and theory and looking at the results from past tests and analytical models.
In order to assemble these methods and accumulated knowledge and pass them on to future generations, I am currently in the process of preparing a range of records and manuals.

Q3Are there any new skills you would like to acquire in the future?

All of the abilities that we refer to as skills are connected and I feel I need to continue to refine everything I have learned. Now that I am in a managerial position, I am also more conscious of making accurate and credible judgements or decisions in a timely manner. I have a very measured character and like to make decisions following careful consideration however there are times when I have to rely on my intuition. I believe that it is at these times that skill and experience really count.

Q4What are your impressions of SKS?
How do think it will change in the future?

My impression of SKS is “honesty and integrity”.
Honesty and integrity might paint a very severe picture however, SKS is full of friendly people and I feel there is a good rapport between the junior and senior employees.
In regards to the future of SKS, I hate to use cliches but it is a unique company.
I hope to help establish SKS as a company people will want to rely on and work together with. To achieve this, we need to first, adopt a sincere approach to our work.
And, secondly, I believe continuation and change to be important. Without change there can be no continuation. I want to continue to pursue the kind of work that only SKS can deliver while adapting to change in society.

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A day at work at SKS

  • 8:40

    Start work

  • 9:00

    Mail check, follow up work

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Client meetings

  • 14:00

    Internal meetings

  • 15:00

    Material preparation, mail check

  • 17:40

    Clear up any remaining work

  • 19:10

    Leave work

How I spend my days off

I want to cherish the time I spend with my family.

Message to students

Recently there are a large number of people looking for stability. However, the world is your oyster when you are young, so be ambitious and take on new challenges. Youth does come with a degree of uncertainty. However, I feel you should adopt an approach where if you fail, you can always try again. Looking back at my 20s, I made a lot of mistakes, but those experiences have made me a stronger person today. Although a bit of cliche, “you are young, be ambitious”. Put your hand up to take on new challenges and expand your possibilities.

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