Joined SKS in April 2009
Plant Engineering Department, Plant Design Section 2 Subsection Chief

Tsutomu Yoshida

Q1What kind of work do you currently do?

I perform seismic analysis of pipes that carry radioactive liquid waste.
I use analytical models to analyze whether the pipes satisfy seismic conditions based on information from piping plans, construction plans and systematic plans and consider the necessary modifications when they don't meet the required strength.

Q2What have you found challenging since joining SKS?
Have there been situations where you have made improvements and achieved a successful outcome?What new skills have you learned working at SKS?

Checking over your results is a crucial part of analytical work and mistakes are unacceptable. However, when you are working to tight deadlines, you can become rushed so at first I found it difficult to find a balance between speed and accuracy. If you make a mistake you have to go back and start again, but you also have to meet your deadlines. I found it extremely challenging to find that balance.
When I first joined SKS, I lacked knowledge and found a lot of things challenging, but I took it upon myself to learn and at times, even went to the client for help. However, as a result I now understand what analysis is required to meet the design criteria and how to effectively communicate this information to others. I am now in a position where I am teaching others, but there are still times when I am learning new things.

Q3Are there any new skills you would like to acquire in the future?

In addition to the technical side of my work, I am also often required to think of the sales aspect therefore I would like to further my understanding of finance and be more conscious of cost and profitability. I am gradually learning more about these areas by reading financial papers and books. In the long term, considering that our workforce is becoming more multinational, I would also like to study English.

Q4What are your impressions of SKS?
How do think it will change in the future?

The employees at SKS range across a broad age demographic however I feel that there is no age gap between the different generations. Our superiors listen to our opinions and talk to us on the same level and we also ensure talk to our junior employees at their level. Of course everyone is serious about their work so there is just the right amount of tension but I feel that SKS has created a very good work environment without it being overly intense.
I hope to create a tradition at SKS that encourages employees to be autonomous and to have their own goals through training and by creating a good work environment. New technologies are always emerging in our line of work therefore I also hope to establish SKS as a group of professionals where each and every employee has their own field of expertise.

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A day at work at SKS

  • 9:00

    Arrive at work/mail check

  • 10:00

    Prepare work briefing materials

  • 11:00

    Work meetings

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Analytical work

  • 15:00

    Client meetings

  • 16:30

    Meeting preparation

  • 17:00

    Analytical work

  • 18:00

    Check work progress/think about up-coming work

  • 19:00

    Leave work

How I spend my days off

I normally spend my days off with my family. I like to go to different places with my family and discover new things with my children.
They love the outdoors and animals so we are often going to nature parks and aquariums.
At the other times we have parties where our friends will each bring a dish and enjoy each other's company to relax.

Message to students

When you age and go to take on new challenges, a range of preconceptions can bring about a fear of failure and prevent you from doing the things you want to do. When you are young you can be little reckless and it is through the result of those successes and failures that you learn more about yourself. Travel about while you are young and build your personal networks, make up for your shortfalls by reading books and experience as much as you can. This experience will be to your advantage when you join the workforce.

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